Does your Rental Property meet the latest requirements?

Insulation Statements are now compulsory on all new Tenancy Agreements!

All rental properties that can be insulated, must have adequate ceiling and underfloor insulation by July 2019.

We ensure your rental property is up to the new Residential Tenancy Act Standards.  


Ensuring your property is up to standard

It is now a requirement by Law for all landlords to state in their Tenancy Agreements the level and condition of insulation in their rental property. 

Both landlords and tenants need to be aware and ensure this information is included in their Tenancy Agreements to ensure they are compliant. There are currently an estimated 180,000 rental properties throughout the country that are not sufficiently insulated, with landlords facing a hefty fine if they do not comply. A high percentage of these are in the Auckland area.

About Us

The experts in Tenancy Act compliance

With many years of experience in the insulation industry, Landlord Solutions understand what their clients expectations are, and we pride ourselves on delivering exactly that.

One of the keys to our success is ensuring we align ourselves with other industry leaders in order to guarantee that we can provide the best outcome possible for our clients. This is why we only use the best materials and the best people for the job.

You can be sure that our priority is to do absolutely everything we can to make sure your property is brought up to correct standard, and finished at the highest level!


Anthony Thomson

Anthony is passionate about raising the standard of housing in New Zealand. With almost 10 years experience in residential retrofit insulation he has overseen thousands of cold damp houses made warm and healthy.

The changes to the residential Tenancy Act mean Anthony is the right person to ensure your property is up to standard.

Anthony is Landlord Solutions Ltd's Managing Director

Robert Sweeney

Robbie has worked in the building trade for nearly 40 years, and almost 20 of the last years specializing in residential retrofit insulation. His assessment and rigorous audit approach ensures the correct remedy is found and the supply and install is professional ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients.

Robbie has overseen the retrofit installation of Insulation in approximately 100,000 kiwi homes. So we know he is the right man for the job.

Why Choose Us

Because a happy healthy tenant is just good business

It is extremely important to ensure you are keeping up to date with the developments and changes around legislation involving your rental property.

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01 / Experienced Assessment Team

We provide a thorough assessment from our vastly experienced team which will give you the information, and the steps needed to ensure your house is complaint to the Residential Tenancy Act

02 / Completion

Once Landlord Solutions are appointed, our very professional and experienced team will carry out all the necessary work to bring the property up to Residential Tenancy Act Standards

03 / Certify

We provide a certificate stating the property meets the RTA Regulations. This can be provided to tenants, The Tenancy Tribunal, The Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment (MBIE) or any other interested party. We also provide Manufacturer backed Warranties


Helping landlords achieve healthy spaces

At Landlord Solutions we offer all the services required to make sure you rental home is insulated to the highest standard incuding:

  • Ceiling Insulation

  • Underfloor Insulation

  • Wall Insulation

Please get in touch with us to go over the various options available, and to get an estimate for your property.


Wall Insulation

Although not mandatory, adding wall insulation can lower heating and cooling costs dramtically. We have a range of solutions available.

Roof Insulation

Earthwool® glasswool insulation is extremely versatile and is great for roof and ceiling insulation and comes with a 50 year product warranty!

Floor Insulation

Our underfloor is either highly durable R1.5 Polyester, or R1.8 glasswool with a wind-wash barrier. Both come with 50 year product warranties.

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